Megavisión El Salvador

Group Megavisión is a Salvadoran broadcasting company that operates three television channels and more than twenty national radio stations. It was founded by Óscar Antonio Safie.
It began with the creation of the news service, Channel 21, in 1994. Later Channel 19 targeted a female audience. In 2001, Group Megavisión created its third channel, Channel 15, named ESTV, “Salvadoran Television”. In 2007, Channel 15 was shuttered after struggling to build an audience. In 2012, Channel 15 returned to the air and is now under the name of Movie World TV.


1 Collaboration
2 National Production

2.1 Canal 21 (Channel 21)
2.2 Canal (Channel) 19

2.2.1 MegaNoticias Canal 19 (MegaNews Channel 19)

2.3 Movie World (Canal 15)

3 Group Megavisión Radio Stations

In 1999, Group Megavisión partnered with Nickelodeon to carry the network’s animated and youth-focused content.
In 2006, Group Megavisión partnered with MTV Networks and VH1.
In 2009, Group Megavisión partnered with six additional television stations in El Salvador.
National Production[edit]
Canal 21 (Channel 21)[edit]
Channel 21 features a variety of programming suitable for all ages, including:

Arrive My People
Telenoticias 21
The Basement
My Country TV
Dialogue with Ernesto López
7 Days (News of the Week)
Code 21
21 to the Letter
Thinking in high voice
Extreme culture

Canal (Channel) 19[edit]
The original content of Canal 19 featured the programming of Nickelodeon. In May 2012, Channel 19 was restructured and began broadcasting Channel 21 programs.
MegaNoticias Canal 19 (MegaNews Channel 19)[edit]
In August 2012, Group Megavisión launched “El nuevo Canal 19” which featured political, economic, business and international news, sports and opinion programs.
Movie World (Canal 15)[edit]
In July 2012, Group Megavisión launched Movie World on Channel 15, broadcasting films in the genres of terror, drama, comedy, romance and action.
Group Megavisión Radio Stations[edit]

Radio Corazón 97.3 Fm VHF
Radio Fuego 107.7 Fm VHF
Sonso Mix 92.5 Fm VHF (Sonsonate)
Radio La Libertad 98.1 Fm VHF (La Libertad)
Radio Megahits 92.5 Fm VHF (Ahuachapán)
Mi Radio 98.1 Fm VHF (San Vicente)
Radio Jiboa 90.5 Fm VHF (San Vicente)